Diocese of Portsmouth

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Our quarterly magazine @CofEPortsmouth goes out to 6,000 readers in churches and schools schools across south-east Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The four editions each year come out in March, June, September and December.

It is designed to give churchgoers and non-churchgoers an insight into life in our parishes and church schools, combining longer features with stories about people and columns written by the bishop and others on significant issues. Topical news stories and forthcoming events can be found more easily on our website. 

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Spring 2022

Faith in Focus: A true frame for our lives, by Bishop Jonathan: page 3

Latest News: Memorial at tragic wartime crash site: page 4

Latest News: Round-up, including Archdeacon Peter moves on and a global focus at Lent: page 5

Latest news: Jonathan Frost confirmed as tenth Bishop of Portsmouth: page 6

Latest News: Round-up, including a boost for Newport Minster and the chance for young people to set aside a year for God: page  7

In Depth: Clergy families: Ministry can be a family affair: pages 8-9 and pages 10-11

In Depth: Portsmouth Pathway: Our local theological college is open to all: pages 12-13 and pages 14-15

My Faith: Cambodian inspired by film of Jesus being crucified: pages 16-17

People: Long journey is worth it to play historic organ: page 18

The Big Issue: Why racial justice should matter: page 19

Why I Love My Church: I felt welcome, so I was baptised aged 74: page 20

Top 10: Past and present Bishops of Portsmouth: page 22

The Big Picture: Bishop Jonathan prays alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury: page 24

Winter 2021

Faith in Focus: We're being the Body of Christ, by Bishop Rob: page 3

Latest News: A new era begins with Bishop Jonathan: pages 4-5

Latest News: Chaplain to help older people in West Wight: page 6

Latest News: Round-up, including Leigh Park Christmas pantomime and a poppy cascade at Chalton: page 7

Latest news: Emotional launch of new school and church: pages 8-9

Latest News: Powerlifting priest lifts weights in her garage: page 10

Latest News: Round-up, including the 150th anniversary of St Mary's, Warsash and a new £5m school for Freshwater: page 11

In Depth: Welcoming students is a vital ministry: pages 12-13 and pages 14-15

In Depth: How our parishes can become pioneering: pages 16-17 and pages 18-19

My Faith: Ex-addict gets baptised in the sea after conversion: pages 20-21

The Big Issue: Faith compels us to act on climate: page 22-23

Why I Love My Church: Lockdown worship showed our variety: page 24

Top 10: Tips on digital worship: page 26

The Big Picture: Bishop Jonathan is prayed for in Newport Minster: page 28

Autumn 2021

Faith in Focus: Autumn signals time for change, by Bishop Rob: page 3

Latest News: More time for us to explore our vision & families at heart of latest church plant: pages 4-5

Latest News: Basic, healthy food on offer via Larder project: page 6

Latest News: Round-up, including joy at Corhampton church fete and new font for Ryde church: page 7

Latest News: Music creatives aim to reach spiritual seekers: page 8

Latest News: Round-up, including an Idsworth paddling pool baptism and a pilgrimage day in Milton: page 9

In Depth: Improving buildings at heart of our outreach: pages 10-11 and pages 12-13

In Depth: Providing a real home can transform lives (Hope into Action): pages 14-15 and pages 16-17

My Faith: 'My trust in God deepened because of the pandemic': pages 18-19

The Big Issue: Let's talk about live and faith: page 21

Why I Love My Church: The church at the heart of our local community: page 22

And Finally: The Big Picture: baptism in the sea of Rebecca Adie: page 24

Summer 2021

Faith in Focus: Privilege to see those who God calls, by Bishop Rob: page 3

Latest News: Emotional farewell to Bishop Christopher: pages 4-5

Latest News: Gavin is consecrated as Bishop of Dorchester: page 6

Latest News: Round-up, including new church plant in Cardiff and church's 150th year: page 7

Latest News: The church for seniors that meets in a pub: page 8

Latest News: Round-up, including Year 6 schools project and new 'Wild Church' services: page 9

In Depth: We showed God's love to those in need during pandemic: pages 10-11 and pages 12-13

In Depth:  Our renewed vision inspired by passion for God's kingdom: pages 14-15 and pages 16-17

My Faith: Life beyond sexual exploitation: pages 18-19

Vocations: Ordination training revealed my dyslexia: ordinations and licensings: pages 20-21

Vocations: God keeps calling me back to ordination: page 22

The Big Issue: Digital worship is integral to mission: page 23

Why I Love My Church: My family was made to feel so welcome: page 24

Top 10: Highlights from 10 years as our bishop: page 26-27

And Finally: The Big Picture: ordination of Bryan Stephenson: page 28

Spring 2020

Faith in Focus: Future tech may pose questions, by Bishop Christopher: page 3

Latest News: Church creates vibrant space for lone workers: pages 4-5

Latest News: Choir sings for crowds of fans at Fratton Park: page 6

Latest News: Round-up: page 7

Latest News: Becket anniversaries to prompt pilgrimages: page 8

Latest News: Round-up: page 9

In Depth: Care for God’s planet is vital part of faith: pages 10-11 and pages 12-13

In Depth: Sunday groups help to disciple children: pages 14-15 and pages 16-17

My Faith: ‘I learnt to trust God more in Africa trip’: pages 20-21

The Big Issue: Why emotional resonance is a part of mission: page 23

Why I Love My Church: Rich musical tradition helps deepen my faith: page 24

Latest book: Churches feature in book for young adults: page 25

Top 10: Take action to go green: page 26

And Finally: The Big Picture: page 28